National Anthem of Guyana

Song of the Republic

My Native Land

A Poet's Prayer

Hymn for Guyana's Children

Arise, Guyana

Guyana the Free

O Beautiful Guyana

My Guyana Eldorado

A Song of Hope

Song of Guyana's Children

To Serve My Country

River Song

Way Down Demerara

The Berbice Ferry

Let Us Co-operate

Salute to Guyana


The Goldern Arrowhead

To the Hihiscus

Blue Saki

Children of Guyana

Beautiful Guyana

Treat All Guyanese Equal

Citizen John

Me Cawfee in de Marnin'

The Mango Sellers

In An Aeroplane

My Kitchen Garden

Out of School

On the Banks of the Kako River



The National Anthem of Guyana

Words by A. L. Luker

Music by R. C. G. Potter

Dear land of Guyana, of rivers and plains,

Made rich by the sunshine, and lush by the rains,

Set gem-like and fair between mounts and sea-

Your children salute you. dear land of the free.

Green land of Guyana, our heroes of yore,

Both bondsman and free, laid their bones on your shore,

This soil so they hallowed, and from them are we,

All sons of one mother, Guyana the free

Great land of Guyana, diverse though our strains,

We are born of their sacrifice, heirs of their pains,

And ours is the glory their eyes did not see -

One Land of six peoples, united and free.

Dear Land of Guyana, to you will we give

Our homage, our service each day that we live;

God guard you, great Mother, and make us to be

More worthy our heritage - land of the free.

Song of the Republic

Words by Cleveland W. Hamilton

Music by Frank Daniels

From Pakaraima’s peaks of pow’r

To Courentyne’s lush sands,

Her children pledge each faithful hour

To guard Guyana’s lands.

To foil the shock of rude invader

Who’d violate her earth,

To cherish and defend forever

The State that gave them birth.

We’ll forge a nation’s mighty soul

Construct a nation’s frame;

Freedom our everlasting goal,

Courage and truth our aim,

Unyielding in our quest for peace

Like ancient heroes brave,

To strive and strive and never cease

With Strength beyond the slave.

Guyana, climb the glorious perch

To fame, prosperity;

Join in the universal search

For world-wide comity.

Your people what soe’er their breed

Their hue or quality,

With one firm never changing creed

The nation’s unity.


M. A. Cossou

Oh I care not that others rave over fair lands afar,

Where silvern lakes and placid streams mirror the evening star;

I care not though their wealth be great, their scenery be grand,

For none so fair as can compare with my own native land.

Their sylvan vales and rippling brooks may charm me when I roam,

But what of that? No brooks and vales can steal my love of home;

Where I in childhood used to play, and where the old folks rest

Must be to me, where’re I be, the dearest and the best.

And though I rove o’er hill and dale and brave old Neptune’s foam,

O’er crags and rocks and mossy dells, I still will turn me home;

For when at length I come to die, I want no gilded tomb,

Just let me rest within thy breast, where thy sweet flowers bloom,

Where thy sweet flowers bloom.


Valerie Rodway

Bless Thou mine yes that they might see

The joy of all Eternity;

The sun by day, the moon by night

By each in turn my guiding light. 

Bless Thou my mind that it might be

Pure as the wide unfurrowed sea.

May all foul thoughts that therefrom rise

Fade as an azure ripple dies. 

Seal Thou my lips if they should seek

Trembling a sinful word to speak.

Make every breath that I might breathe

Fresh as a dew-charged morning breeze. 

Guide Thou these fingers as they write

That they might flame the darkest night.

As sheets of flame fierce upward rise

So may their music hit the skies.


Valerie Rodway

With humble hearts and heads bowed down

In thanks for each new day of toil

We kneel before Thine altar, Lord

The children of Guyana’s soil. 

Great is the task that Thou hast given:

Thy will to show, Thy truth to find:

To teach ourselves that we are one

In thy great Universal mind. 

But not in vain we’ll strive to build

A new Guyana great and free;

A land of glory and of hope,

A land of love and unity. 

O children of Guyana, rise,

Rise up and sing with happy tears:

And bless the land that gave you birth,

And vow to serve her through the years.


Valerie Rodway

When Freedom waved her banner bright

On Ayanganna’s verdant height,

A Nation’s glad triumphant song

Reverb’rant rose full, loud and long;

Guyana, fair Guyana,

Be true to your higher destiny. 

With valiant will and purpose keen

A Nation strove in faith serene,

Bold Cuffy’s dream of Sixty-three

Today’s a sheer reality,

Guyana, fair Guyana,

Be true to your nobler destiny. 

Arise! Guyana’s sons, Arise!

May you be steeled by action wise,

Guard well our sacred heritage

That it may thrive from age to age.

Guyana, blessed Guyana,

Be proud of your glorious destiny.


Valerie Rodway

Guyana, Guyana, this fair land of ours

Has broken the bondage of far distant powers,

We love you Guyana from high land to sea,

And pray God make worthy your children to be.


All hail to Guyana, our country now free,

One people, one nation, one destiny,

We pledge every effort, we’ll cherish this earth

And make here a paradise - Land of our birth.

No rich El Dorado has ever been found

Though many have ended their lives on this ground,

Our labour in factory, in office and field

Will give us the wealth and the full harvest’s yield.

With purpose and vigour we’ll carve our own fate

Unmoved by distraction, prejudice and hate,

Together we’ll strive for our new nation’s goal,

Inspired by goodwill, a kinship of soul.


Valerie Rodway

O beautiful Guyana

O my lovely native land

More dear to me than all the world

Thy sea-washed, sun-kissed strand

Or down upon the borders

Looking out upon the deep

The great Atlantic

Blown into a fury, or asleep.

At morn, at noon - or better

In the crimson sunset’s glow

I love thee, Oh I love thee.


My Guyana, Eldorado

Best of all the world to me

In my heart where’er I wander

Memory enshrineth thee;

All my hopes and aspirations,

All my longings only tie

Everlasting bonds around us

As the fleeting years roll by.

My Guyana, time’s unfolding

More and more thy destiny,

To redeem in lasting splendour

All the years had lost to thee;

And the dawning of thy glory

O’er the long long night is cast

O arise triumphant, glorious,

From the ashes of the past.

O arise, triumphant, glorious,

From the ashes of the past.


R.C.G. Potter

Marching towards the shining future,

Courage high, the past is gone,

Faith o’ercoming fear and doubting,

On to Glory’s sun-burst, On!

Thro’ the storm clouds dark and lowering,

Thro’ Fate’s lighting flash and flame

On! Republic of Guyana

Glorify Guyana’s name.

Forward,forward, youthful nation

Primed with pow’r beyond man’s might

May His strength God ever grant you

To strive unceasingly for right.

From Roraima’s mist-crowned summit

To wide surf-fringed Sixty-Three

Be thy people, dear Guyana,

Strong, united, loyal, free.


W. Hawley-Bryant

Born in the land of the mighty Roraima,

Land of great rivers and far stretching sea;

So like the mountain, the sea and the river

Great, wide and deep in our lives would we be;


Onward, upward, may we ever go

Day by day in strength and beauty grow,

Till at length we each of us may show,

What Guyana’s sons and daughters can be.

Born in the land of Kaieteur’s shining splendour

Land of the palm tree, the croton and fern,

We would possess all the virtues and graces,

We all the glory of goodness would learn.

Born in the land where men sought El Dorado,

Land of the Diamond and bright shining gold,

We would build up by our faith, love and labour,

God’s golden city which never grows old.

 Thus to the land which to us God has given

May our young lives bring a gift rich and rare,

Thus, as we grow, may the worth of Guyana

Shine with a glory beyond all compare.


George Noel


Guyana! I want to serve my country!

Guyana! Beautiful, happy and free!

Guyana! Let’s co-operate with our Government

To help develop Guyana the Free

Together, my comrades, we will build our new Guyana-

A country where all have equal opportunity.

So let us begin now to show loyalty to Guyana

By showing love and respect for all Guyanese.

My brothers! My Sisters! We will live and die here together

Our motto: One People - One Nation - One Destiny

For harmonious living co-operation will be forever

In work and play as we live as proud Guyanese.


Well it’s time we settle all the rich lands in the interior-

Our natural resources are there in great quantity-

And we will do farming and establish towns by the border,

We’ll grow more food so we would feed all Guyanese.

My greatest desire is to serve my country, Guyana,

And sincerely help my Guyana to move along.

Our Government asks us that we study hard and we learn

The things that will help Guyana to become strong. 



Hugh Sam

White sailed schooners dreaming up the river,

White winged seagulls curving in their pride,

Blunt nosed timber barges threaded like a bracelet

Strung behind a small tug struggling ‘gainst the tide.

Brown flows the Demerara, mud brown and tea brown,

Brown are the mud banks where the mangroves sprawl,

Proud are the white sails, red sails, grey sails,

From wing-tailed fishing boat to schooner tall.

Kings of the river are the bauxite steamers,

Down and up the river with the ebb and flow,

Queens of the river are the grave white liners

Anchored by the roadway with the town below.

Wide is the mouth of the brown Demerara,

Gracious are the small ships winged for the breeze,

Fishing ships and trade ships and passengers from far lands,

Homing up the river or out across the seas. 



When your ship has passed the islands and the blue sea turns to brown,

And the leadsman calls ‘Five Fathoms’ when he casts the lead-line down,

And you see a long flat coastland and a smokeless wooden town,

You can reckon you are nearing Demerara.

Demerara, Demerara, you can reckon you are nearing Demerara.

When you’re wakened in the morning by a cheerful kiskadee,

And you see a sackiwinki by a mukka mukka tree,

And the very homely features of the slimy manatee,

You can know that you are down in Demerara.

Demerara, Demerara, you can know that you are down in Demerara.

When you spot an alligator who is waiting for a feed,

And observe a salempenta (of the iguana breed),

And you dodge the marabunta (ripe for any evil deed),

You are somewhere, without doubt, in Demerara.

Demerara, Demerara, you are somewhere, without doubt, in Demerara.

When you sail up mighty rivers and you scarcely glimpse a hill,

And you see the great Kaieteur (which perhaps you never will),

When you pay your fare in shillings, though it’s dollars on the bill,

You will boast that you’re at home in Demerara.

Demerara, Demerara, you will boast that you’re at home in Demerara.


Sr. Rose Magdalene

We’re riding on a ferry boat across the Berbice River

The water’s calm and gently flowing

Breezes cool are softly blowing

Sailing, sailing merrily across the Berbice River.

The people on the ferry boat have lots of fun together

They talk and laugh, they sing and shout

Get out of their cars and move about

Sailing, sailing merrily across the Berbice River.

Friends meet on the ferry boat across the Berbice River

They sit and have a little chat

They talk of this and talk of that

Sailing, sailing merrily across the Berbice River.

It’s such a very pleasant ride across the Berbice River

The whistle blows so all may know

To say goodbye, it’s time to go

We’ve safely reached the other side

Across the Berbice River.

See Ferries in Guyana


W. R. A. Pilgrim

Let us co-operate for Guyana

Let us co-operate for our land,    

Let us resolve to fight together

See we do it right together   

Can we do it? Yes we can.    

Each man must do his bit with his comrades,  

Each man must do his bit for his land,    

Each must resolve to help another,           

Learn to call his neighbour ‘brother’          

Can we do it? Yes we can.    

Each group must do its best for the region,

Each group must do its best for the land,

Each group must sacrifice a little

Learn to do without a little

Can we do it? Yes we can. 

The regions must unite for the country,

The regions must unite for the land,

Each region has its chosen mission

But they all have one ambition

Can we do it? Yes we can.

Let us co-operate for Guyana

Let us co-operate for our land

Let us resolve to fight together

See we do it right together

Can we do it? Yes we can.

N.A. (New Amsterdam, Berbice)


There’s a small town

By a river,

Where the ferry plies all day;

Just a small town,

But I love it,

For it’s my town,


There are plain folks

On the streets there,

Folks who nod and smile ‘Good-day’;

Only plain folks,

But they’re great folks,

And they’re my folks

In N.A.

There’s a white church on the Main Street,

Where a tall spire looks down,

And an old Clock, chiming gently,

Drops a blessing on the town;

City friends may

Mock and wander,

But for me it’s O.K.

And that small town

Is the greatest,

And it’s my town



W.R.A. Pilgrim

We hail thee, Guyana, our country, our home,

From coast to the hinterland your wonders abound.

Your mountains, savannah lands, all with beauty crowned

Will always live in our memory wherever we roam. 

We sing of Guyana, In village and town

We pledge our allegiance as onward we go,

United together our strength we will show

And build a new Guyana, a land of renown. 

We love you, Guyana, blessed may you be,

Our flags we will honour, our motto uphold;

Inspired by our leaders our destiny we’ll mould

And proudly face the future - undaunted are we.


Cecile E. Burgan-Nobrega

I dance upon the brink of day,

And try to keep the night away,

I stand between the dark and night

And ere the sun dives out of sight

I borrow from his flaming rays-

The splendour of a million days.

The rainbow in my hand I hold,

Vermilion, russet, orange, gold,

I strive to light the dark’ning sky

The day, I say, it shall not die

For who has seen the night so gay

He would not change it for the day

And though I lose the uneven fight

I fill the inky sky with light.

But countless eyes at night must play

Where only one had ruled the day.


Sr. Rose Magdalene

There are many flags in many lands

right across the world they’re spread.

But there’s no flag in any land like our

Golden Arrowhead.

Then hurrah for the flag,

Guyana’s flag with its arrows gold,

green and red.

For there’s no flag in any land like

our Golden Arrowhead.

The golden arrow signifies, our

precious gems and gold.

The green points to the forests lush.

The red our strength untold.

Let as all stand, salute our flag,

our loyalty to pledge.

And promise always to revere,

The golden arrowhead.


Horace Taitt

Fair Hibiscus, long you linger

In the gardens of the poor,

Bringing joy and cheer and brightness

To the peasant’s lowly door.

There your blossoms bloom in splendour.

Telling all that pass you by

That earth’s beauty and earth’s gladness

To the poorest hearts are nigh.

Fair Hibiscus, you are frailer

Than the blooms of roses rare.

In our homes you fade imprisoned

Free, you grow without a care.

Fairest cup of reddest radiance,

Joy comes with you to my heart,

Teach me your own joyful message

That I may such cheer impart.



Blue-Saki blue as the sky above, preening in yon lofty trees;

Blue-Saki blue is a pretty bird all dressed up in her party blue.

Chirpy chirpy chirpy chirp

Flying off in search of her meal.

Blue-Saki blue as the sky above, singing a song of quiet joy.

Blue-Saki blue as the sky above, sitting on yon garden fence,

Blue-Saki no recital she sings and never displays like the bold kiskadee.

Chirpy chirpy chirpy chirp

Eyes on the look-out for worm or grub,

Blue-Saki blue as the sky above, singing a song of quiet joy.

Blue-Saki blue as the sky above, flitting among the shady boughs;

Blue-Saki likes a fruit or two to add to her diet for a change.

Chirpy chirpy chirpy chirp

Mango or cherry or guava will do.

Blue-Saki blue as the sky above, singing a song of quiet joy.


Sr. Rose Magdalene

We are children of Guyana

And we love our native land.

With rivers lakes and waterfalls

Its mountains tall and grand

We will strive to make Guyana.

A land so fair and free

One people and one nation

One single destiny 

We are children of Guyana

And we proudly our eyes.

When we see the Golden Arrowhead

flutter bravely in the shies.

For it tells us we shall ever more

be free upon this earth.

God bless you dear Guyana the

country of our birth.


Hilton Hemerding

There’s a land just off the Atlantic,

Land of jungles, waterfalls and sweet scenery,

Where poor people farm the lands and hunt the waters,

And all live in peace and harmony.

This is Guyana, beautiful Guyana.

This is Guyana, beautiful Guyana. 

Diamond seekers go in the Interior,

Pulling their corials under the falls,

Singing sweet calypso as they heave on their way

To dig up the diamond and the gold.

With Kaieteur tumbling to the river,

How I love to see your foaming tide;

I listen to the chirps of the cheerful kiskadee

As they throw their yellow breasts to the sky. 

O Guyana, land where I was born,

O sweet land shining in the sun,

I could hear the monkey chatter up in a tree

And the parrots singing this melody.

O Guyana, beautiful Guyana,

O Guyana, independent and free,.

O Guyana, beautiful Guyana.


George Noel

Ah see mi mother an’ father working in harmony,

Building our new Guyana fo all deh children to see.

A look at dem an’ a wonder what make dem working’ like dat,

So ah ask Daddy fo di answer. Well hear di answer ah gat: 


We want to build our nation

Fo di future generation,

So practise co-operation we will.

Forget race an’ religion

An’ yuh wealth an’ yuh position,

An’ treat all Guyanese equal. Yes, we will! 

Ah see mi brothers an’ sisters living in unity,

Building our new Guyana fo all young people to see.

Ah look at dem an’ a wonder what make dem livin’ like dat,

So ah ask Daddy fo di answer. Well hear di answer ah gat:


Ah see people in dis country serving humanity,

Building our new Guyana so dat di whole world could see.

Ah look at dem an’ ah wonder what make dem t’inkin’ like dat,

So ah ask Daddy fa di answer. Well hear di answer ah gat:


So I decided to follow di good example ah see

­Building our new Guyana to make it what it should be.

Mi Daddy notice an’ wonder how I start actin’ like dat,

So he ask me what was di matter. Well hear di answer he gat:




Citizen John is a positive man;

When he gets out he looks around with discerning eyes;

Citizen John he never pretends he didn’t see

Work to be done but lends a hand.

Citizen John he never says “That’s not my job and I do not care”

Citizen John is a positive man

He always gives help wherever he can to everyone.

Citizen John is a practical man;

He never sits back and leaves all the work for others to do.

Citizen John never ignores the unpleasant tasks

That no one else wants but does his share.

Citizen John he never says “That’s not my job and I do not care”

Citizen John is a practical man

He always makes sure he does his work as well as he can.

Citizen John is a caring man;

He never forgets that there is strength in unity.

Citizen John works very hard because he knows

That every bit counts to achieve success.

Citizen John, he never says “That’s not my job and I do not care”

Citizen John is a caring man who works to make

His country the best for everyone.


P.M de Weever

Some people likes de chocklet,

Some people likes de tea,

Some drinks de suga’ watah,

And some de lemonade,

But I ca’e fo’ none o’ dose,

The only t’ing fo’ me

Is me bowl o’ bilin’ cawfee in de marnin’


Me cawfee, me cawfee, me cawfee, me cawfee,

Me bowl o’ bilin’ cawfee in de marnin’

I ca’e fo’ none o’ dose,

The only t’ing fo' me

Is me bowl o’ bilin’ cawfee in de marnin’.

Wid de sunrise I gets up,

Ev’ry marnin’ dry or wet,

So as never to be lated

For de work I has to do,

I gen’ally says me prayers

Unless I does fo'get

But I always drinks me cawfee in de marnin’.

Sometimes I has it grand

Wid me saltfish an’ me fat,

An’ me yalla plantain boil

Wid green pepper an’ some rice.

But wha’me min’ does gi’e me fo’

Mo’e betta dan all dat

Is me cawfee wid a gill bread in de marnin’. 

I is an ole man now,

An’ does often punish bad,

But I's had me good days,

An’ I mus’ satisfy.

I can still hol’ togedda

An’ still praise de Lawd

If  I only gets me cawfee in de marnin.


Sr. Rose Magdalene

Early in the morning, before the break of day

See the market women going on their way

Baskets filled with mangoes, ripe, juicy and sweet

Their faces bright, their eyes alight

Swaying down the street.


Get your mangoes, ripe, ripe mangoes

The market women cry

Sweet and nice, Buxton Spice

Cone to market and buy.

Soon they reach the market right opposite the Mali

Set out the tempting mangoes in parcels on the stall

Lady, buy some mangoes, taste see how they sweet

Soft and nice, firm and ripe

Children love them to eat.

Chorus:            Get your mangoes, etc.


Sr. Rose Magdalene

Flying high above the clouds in an aeroplane

Looking down on fields of rice and sugarcane

See the mighty Essequibo winding way down there

There are so many things to notice

flying through the air.

Sparkling waterfalls and tops of forest green

Creeks and gorges steep with rainbows in between

Circling over Georgetown you can view the coastal plain

Then fly right out to Matthews Ridge

And fly back home again.


Sr. Rose Magdalene

Working in my kitchen garden early in the morning 

Digging in my backyard since the break of day,     

Turning up the land, planting up my farm,     

I help to feed my family this way.    

So I work, work, work, turning up my land,    

I work, work, work, planting up my farm,     

I’m helping myself and my country to survive 

And I’m feeding my family.           

Working in my kitchen garden early in the morning

Toiling in my backyard since the break of day,

Pulling out the weeds, putting in good seeds,

Cucumber, bora, squash and boulanger.

So I work, work, work, pulling out the weeds,

I work, work, work, putting in good seeds

My neighbour is planting his own plot

And we’re forming a small Co-op.


Sr. Rose Magdalene


Oh! what do we do when we’re out of school

We’re out of school, we 're out of school

Oh! what do we do when we’re out of school

Well tell you what we do.

1. We’re digging gardens busily

We’re digging them as anyone can see

We’re digging gardens busily

All by the light of day.


2. We’re planting seedlings happily

We’re planting them as anyone can see

We’re planting seedlings happily

All by the light of day.


3. We water plants so joyfully

We water them as anyone can see

We water plants so joyfully

All by the light of day.


4. We pull the weeds out frequently

We pull them out as anyone can see

We pull the weeds out frequently

All by the light of day.



Words and Music by Walter E Hewick

Steal away, steal away to dreamland

Where the Kako and the Kukui kiss.

View the forms caressing on the sand

While the Partang and the Mazuni hiss.

Hear the murmur of the mighty Kako

See brown kids “woodskin” down to ‘Raima

Like pilgrims to glory and wonder

They seek the giant heights of Guyana.


Away to mighty Kako where

In petal softness, waters gently foam

See the palm trees sway in splendor

Where lolling lovers sigh and roam.

See music

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Folk Songs of Guyana