Cricket Lovely Cricket by Terry Gajraj
“Lovely cricket down in Guyana.”

Sir Garfield Sobers by The Mighty Sparrow
Sobers - greatest cricketer on earth. “Australia you lost” the series.

V for Victory by Young Growler
“Yes it’s bound to go down in history”

Gavaskar - by Lord Relator
“They couldn’t out Gavaskar at all”

Rally Round the West Indies by David Rudder
Encouraging support for the West Indies team

Cricket in the Jungle by the Tradewinds
A humorous imaginary cricket match involving animals.

Cricket Commentary (1994) by Red Plastic Bag

Cricket is deteriorating.


Calypso Cricket by Chalk Dust

Lara Action with Music

The Ashes (Australia vs MCC) by Lord Kitchener
(Frank) Tyson taught them a lesson

Cricket Champions by Lord Kitchener
England must understand we are the champions

Vivian Richards By Lord Short Shirt
No bowler holds a terror for Vivian Richards

Cricket Lovely Cricket by Lord Beginner

“With those little pals of mine: Ramadhin and Valentine.”

Water Lillee by Lord Kitchener

Inaugural World Cup 1975.About the bowling of Dennis Lillee: “They beat you like a bobolee.”

Alec Bedser by Anthony Herbert Hobbs

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